Launched by Robi Chowdhury, AFK is a bespoke tour specialist that offers a host of creative retreats and experiences based in and around the UK, as well as globally.


“In an ever increasing plugged in and connected world, there are times when we often crave the idea of escaping the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle to try and spend a bit of time in a place where we can hear ourselves think.

AFK (away from the keyboard) is a project born exactly out of that. I’ve spent a good number of years trying to balance out the time I spend in the concrete jungle I call home (in London) and adequate time I take out to experience the world at a more hands on level – away from the keyboard.

In 2016, I conducted a survey on social media with a pool of over 500 people across the UK and asked what they’d like to see in a creative retreat. The questions included preferred price ranges, creative disciplines, and much more crucial data that allowed me to build this brand.”

Robi Chowdhury

More about Robi

Robi is a London based Social media professional, with a background in journalism, print and digital media, as well as viral and online marketing.

Being the former Web Editor and Social Community Manager of emel Magazine, he built up an established reputation as a creative marketer within a range of organisations and brands.

He is also a published writer and film-maker with an extensive film and editorial portfolio that is available to view at