Our second trip to Swedish Lapland!


December 2018

After our amazing experience in Swedish Lapland in 2017, we went back there again in December 2018 (a group of five of us in total).


We re-visited our friends Flo and Micheal in Svansele who introduced us to their Icelandic horses. We spent the day horse-riding through the forest and meeting their lovely animals.


We went over to a region called Lycksele to go husky sledding through snow-filled forests. A fika (swedish coffee) stop in the middle of the ride with a campfire to warm our riders up.


Hikes to search for the Northern Lights (we did this almost on a nightly basis at temperatures of around -12). We were prepared with hand-warmers, layers of warm clothing and hot drinks when we got back.


An hour away in a region called Jorn, we visited a group of Sami reindeer herders. We offered the beautiful reindeer moss feed and met some of the locals who shared with us takes on life in Lapland.


Check out some of the highlights from the trip below